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My name is Yiannis. I come from Greece and I live on the small island of Mykonos. I’m 38 years old and I started travelling when I was 21. I’m working in  hotels, at a season jobs which gives me a lot of free time. That’s exactly what I need to travel. As I have already mentioned, at the age of 21, I started making my dream come true, that is to travel and get to know the world. As a child, my family always took me travelling, mostly to the nearby Europe. I don’t know if that got me started but anyway, since then I’ve managed to travel every year until now. In my early years, when my finances were in a poor condition, I was travelling with a backpack and I was using all means of transport, always on the budget side.

During my trip to East Africa, I met a couple of other Greek travellers, Akis and Voula (check their site www.theworldoffroad.com) that go around the world with their own car and they got me thinking. So here I am,travelling around the world, with my own private car, a black Honda HRV, which I named VOUKEFALAS, after the black horse of Alexander the Great. Pretty soon I realized that travelling with your own car isn’t a luxury as I thought until then but it gives you a sense of freedom which you never have when you’re on a plane or a bus.

In this site I wrote my stories for all the people that are about to visit or have already visited a country or for those who just want to know about any of the countries that I’ve been to. I won’t go into any details so that you don’t get bored.

My next trip is already in the planning status and becoming alive.This time in the team would be my partner Rochelle,a Five Star Hotel General Manager .But I let her introduce herself  to you under About Rochelle .

If you want to make a comment or ask me for any kind of tip or advice, please feel free to contact me.

Yianni’s Clobal Mobile : +447700021642


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  1. Sorry to be a killjoy,but do you reckon you could do a review of your music on your videos…at least denise rousoss has not shown up yet.How about some John Williams the top aussie classical guitarist.Has anyone yet approached you with the old favourite…”beware of greeks bearing gifts”?.

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