This was one of my first trips to Europe back in 1991, during my summer vacation. I was still in high school and I was traveling with my family. I remember Belgium as a small, very clean country, something that impressed my still inexperienced eyes. Except for the cosmopolitan Brussels, we also visited Liege and Antwerp on our way from Luxembourg to the Netherlands. I was really impressed by Antwerp because until then the only city I knew of being in the water was Venice, Italy. It’s impossible for me to remember the names of the people we met but since we were in a group, I remember having a great time. Please forgive me but the mind forgets as years go by. The Belgians seemed to me like most Central Europeans, really low profile and extremely quiet for my Greek standards. Belgium can’t be considered as a travel destination itself but it’s a nice change if you are traveling in Central Europe.

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