Nov 4 2014

…we kept on going through our Turkey adventure. From Bodrum we decided to skip some kilometers and take the small ferry boat to Datça instead. (There is a longer road going all around the peninsula if you are keen on driving). Far from the crowds of Bodrum, here was a more tranquil experience waiting for us. The peninsula of Datça reveals itself wonderfully into the blue waters at the meeting of the Aegean and the Mediterranean, with stunning coves, hidden archipelagos and craggy, thickly forested peaks on top of it all. Despite a developing tourist industry, these shores are far less built-up than the Bodrum Peninsula. You would probably head this way if you were seeking simple village life or a sail in secluded waters. Since we are overlanders we picked the first and we relaxed in the Ilica Green Beach Camping, where as the owner says “God sent his privileged believers here to have a long and healthy life”.

Then was Marmaris as a quick pit stop before we headed inland to Dalyan , the place where Rochelle lost her camera with almost all the footage of Turkey so far. Luckily I still had almost the same footage in mine. As we entered Dalyan, in search of a camping site, we met a wonderful older couple, owners of a small shop, who spared their time and helped us. Mrs. and Mr.Dikolcay we thank you both for your precious help.

But let’s start from the beginning. Laid back little Dalyan is today’s prime package-tour hang out, but away from the main street, lined with restaurants and bars, it still retains much of its original sleepy riverside character. Once a small farming community, the atmospheric ruins Kaunos and the beautiful waterways bring an armada of excursion boats from Marmaris and Fethiye, knocking down much of its charm and tranquility. Try to stay overnight in order to appreciate its character since after dusk most of the groups are gone and you get the place to yourself. Except for the ruins in Kaunos and the nearby mud baths, you also have the opportunity to enjoy the sun and spend some of your time in the turtle nesting grounds of İztuzu Beach. Once you’re done for the day lapping up the sun on a boat trip or traversing ancient city remnants, gear down and take your time to admire Dalyan’s most famous feature. The mighty Kings’ Tombs of ancient Kaunos carved into the cliffs across the river. If you are there before the sun sets, they even take on a golden glow. It’s definitely a spectacular sight.

I forgot to mention that we passed through Fethiye as well, on the way to Oludeniz but with n
othing to attract our interest we didn’t bother staying more than a couple of hours just enough to get some necessary supplies. Oludeniz, on the other hand, was one of those places that I really liked when I was here the last time but this time I was completely disappointed. The package tourism during the summer months has completely turned the place into a trash can. A really sad thing to watch as during my previous visit (in the winter months though) I really enjoyed staying here. After some deliberations about what we should do, we decided not to stay and headed on.


P.S. If you happen to read this Ms Yasemin your wish to stick a pin on the ground of Australia so one day you would visit  is done faster than expected .Rochelle had to fly back for a short time so you can consider it done .

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