Sorry for not posting for a while. I got distracted by the celebration for New Year’s and my name day. So here I am in Vietnam, somewhere along the coast. After crossing into Vietnam things got easier. What went on there was crazy. We crossed the Mekong Delta without wasting any time so we could be in Saigon for New Year’s, a city of eight million people. We arrived a couple of hours before New Year’s. Saigon seemed a city of people all on motorbikes (and I really mean everybody). We ended up staying for about four days before we hit the coast again. Although we stayed only for two days at our next stop, Mui Ne made us feel right at home. Bicycling around pink and white sand dunes, over its beautiful sunsets, made it come more alive. Now we are at an altitude of 1600m and believe it or not, even here in Vietnam, in the tropics, it’s cold. More news coming soon.

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