Honduras is the second largest Central American country. I visited it as part of my Central American tour. My friend Kostis had joined me in Costa Rica and after a quick pass from Nicaragua, we took an almost off road route into Honduras via Las Manos. Along the better known Honduran attractions are the spectacular Mayan ruins at Copan and that’s where we went first. After a quick stop-over at the capital Tegucigalpa, we ended up breaking the journey at Siguatepeque, a lovely country town that gave us a good introduction to Honduras.

Copan was though the highlight of the country, Santa Rosa de Copan as the full name of the village is. It’s a small, cool, very Spanish mountain town with a lovely colonial church beside the always present “parque central”. The Mayan ruins are just one kilometer outside the town. We spent the entire day exploring this unknown civilization and its culture. As you can imagine, we decided to finish that great day at the hot springs outside the ruins. Here Kostis got really sick and at our next stop after three relaxing days at Copan in Tela, he decided to go back home.

On my own from there on, I decided to head to the Caribbean coast to spend Christmas there. Islas de la Bahia is a group of islands just off the coast of Honduras. The biggest of them is Roatan, a magnificent coral paradise, my kind of place. It’s a great vacation spot more than a traveling destination since the beach was the only thing to see. Maybe it was the people I met there or the island’s feeling that made me want to stop and just stay there but my trip had just started. A quick look at the coast city of Omoa and I had to say goodbye to the country. Honduras with its lovely Mayan people is definitely a place worth

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