3/1999 & 12/2009 & 11/2010

Italy has been a getaway for me for almost all of my trips to Europe or West Africa. So I have visited this beautiful country more than four times. However I have managed to cover a different part every time. In 1999 I covered North Italy including places like Milan, Bologna and Ancona. And of course I couldn’t have left out the unique Venice. If you ask me, every single city in Italy has a unique charm that you fall in love with. The best of the ones I visited in 1999 is definitely Venice. I was there for the carnival and that gave the city an even more glamorous look and feel. In 2009 I crossed the Italian Riviera from Genoa all the way to the French border, another area of this beautiful country. My latest trip was to the magnificent Tuscany and Sardinia, both places that one shouldn’t miss. In Tuscany I visited Florence, Lucca, Livorno and Pisa. Tuscany itself is worth a trip since it’s a paradise on earth. As for the island of Sardinia, the beautiful Sassari and Alghero, Bosa and Olbia are all places where I had to stop because they were all worth my time. Countries like Italy have been a tourist destination for many years before and after me. The reason is that every visit in this country shows you a new beautiful side of it.

PS. The pictures you see are taken from all my visits.

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