It’s true; Liechtenstein makes a fabulous wine-and-cheese-hour break. This is how much time you probably need to get your bearings.

Did you know it’s the sixth smallest country? It’s governed by an iron-willed monarch who lives in a Gothic castle on a hill. All that information was given to me when I asked a passing lady about her country. Now if you still wonder about what this country produces, it’s the world’s largest producer of dentures. I swear, I didn’t know that. All this might sound crazy but on our way through with Nikos and Michalis, this was the special characteristic of the country we got over a pint of beer. But if you’re visiting this pocket-sized principality for any other reason than the ones mentioned above, you’re probably coming for money laundering. That is what we were told by a pretty drunk local. I didn’t spend much time there since the country itself is too small, with a couple of hours being more than enough to hang around the locals and get some of their country’s taste. When it comes to numbers, the country is barely larger than a small city. It measures just 25km in length and 6km in width. Though it might not look like much on the map, it’s filled with numerous friendly locals and lush green forests. This micro nation takes its independence seriously. For such a small nation Liechtenstein would rather be remembered for its stunning natural beauty.

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