Overlanddiaries is  more than just an informative  travel blog . We wanted  to put a blog together that can get people exited about traveling around our incredible world , we want  people to seek out the adventure of their lifetime. Step out of their comfort zones and live their dream, find out that there is much more out there than  just a new mobile phone or a better job.There is life in a beautiful planet ,”Our Planet”.


We are willing to stand side by side and collaborate with any none profitable organisation that needs our help .  Need informations ,photos or video about a place or a culture we have traveled through? We are here for you

We are looking forward  in building ongoing relationships with youth or other organisations to develop ways to get young people interested in traveling in other cultures or different environments. Need one or both of us to assist you by being part of the action ? Drop us an email and we will respond  to you as soon as possible.

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