The list bellow was designed for unsupported global travel in developing countries.Developed countries have most of the resources available, so some of the items on this list are not required. The specific pack list is based on full time overland travel for two and a half years in South America including the two month on board the cargo boat.The mode of travel taken under consideration when the list was created was fully or semi independent, meaning sleeping, cooking, showering, living, etc. would be performed in or on the vehicle .Campgrounds would be used without though depending on their facilities to operate.

Everyone’s  requirements, vehicle, destinations, etc. are unique, so no one list could ever be followed or applied universally. Your unique needs will determine your own list. This list is intended as a sample/starting point for your planning.


-Vehicle Papers-Title :Always carry the original as well as photocopies of it In our case we also have an on line back up

-Carnet De Passage :This is the document for your temporary importation exportation for your vehicle . An original and photocopies of it are essential to carry with you.(Not needed inSouth America)

-Car Insurance & Green card:Always carry the original as well as photocopies of it. In most cases insurance you purchase on your way in to each country.Green card is obligatory for your Europe crossing

-Itinerary: A basic schedule of your itinerary in photocopies in case you will be asked for the where and how of the trip.

-Passport :Always carry the original as well as photocopies of the first page .Make a copy of the visa or entry stamp page once you get into the country

 -Visa(s): If necessary, in our case Rochelle had to have a Visa for Brazil (original and photocopies)

-National Driver’s License: Carry the original and some photocopies of it In our case we also have an on line back up as well as a simple photo in our phone.

-International driver’s license :Original and photocopies.Remember this is a translation of your one at home so you need to have the National one as well.

– Insurance Documents :EVAC Insurance Card is requiered for traveling on board any cargo boat(original and  photocopies).Additional a copy of your travel insurance (policies for travel, vehicle, etc.)

-Copy of Medical History: Allergies, Medications, Conditions, Etc.

– Medication Prescriptions: Specially for medicine you need to by while on the road

-Credit Card :Except the actual plastic have handy numbers and lost/stolen card reporting phone numbers

-Emergency Procedures Info & Emergency Contacts: A list with Names/Addresses/Phones/Email/Etc.

-Business Cards: Need to be water resistant/waterproof and in big numbers

-Car Manual :Helpful and must have when you need spares 

-Vaccination Booklets: Carry the original as well as photocopies

-Paper maps & Phrase Books:GPS might fail ,maps never do. Some local words can gets you very far.

-Office Supplies:Pencils,Tape,Highlighters,Scissors,Stapler, Staples,Rubber Bands,Paper Clips,Writing Pads & Post-It Notes

 Electric and Power Supplies

-Solar panels and battery pack

-Batteries: All sizes, rechargeable and alkaline  

-120V AC Power Strip, surge protected: If 120AC is applicable

-12V DC distribution:Cigarette lighter as well as UCB

-LAN connection:WIFI might not work

– Position tracking system connection:Cables for updates and charging

– Under-Cabinet Lighting: Battery-operated touch-lights or usb that can be used under cabinets, inside cabinets, under the dinette


-Big Plastic Containers: For Storage of various items

-Rubberized Shelf Liner (bring an extra roll with you for replacement and repair needs)

-Bread Bag:Keeps bread fresher longer and can be hung out of the way

-Mesh/Wire Basket: To keep products that are not refrigerated fresh, longer

-Silverware Caddy:Plastic that keeps the silverware standing saving you space. 

-Paper Towel Holder:We installed ours on the back window above main counter area

-Towel Bar/hook (for dish towels)

-Wine Opener, Can Opener 

-Vegetable peelers (at least 2)

– Blue Ice Packs :Great when it comes to injuries

-Shopping Bags :Saving the planet!!!  

-Kitchen Utensil: Spatulas ,Tongs, Spoons 

-Plastic Containers:Varius sizes with snap-tight lids.Can work well in the refrigerator.

-Knives, Knife Safes:Keeps the edges safe from damage and protects from nasty cuts.

-Cutting Board  

-Good Pots & Pans :We have a stone pan and a mid size pot. They cook very evenly and are so easy to clean! 

-Silicone Trivets and Pot Holders:They are lightweight, can be washed off easily and weigh nothing.

-Plastic Pot Strainer :Foldable can be very handy.

– Colapsable Tea Kettle: It is great for making tea, and coffee or for boiling

water for making pasta, etc. very quickly. 


-French Press:Good coffee is not readily available everywhere

 -Camp Toaster:To operate with your gas stove

General Household & Bathroom

-Dust Broom & Pan:Best is to have one for use inside and another for use outside

-Floor Mats :Useed in bad weather – great for keeping mud off the tent  

-Shoe Bags: Plastic&lightweight great for storing shoes, flip-flops, bug spray, etc.

-Brushes:To keep that dust out

-Bin for in-vehicle garbage.

-Clothesline, Fan,Toilet Paper Holder or bag (we use a mesh bag)

-Towel Bars or Hooks

-Extra Blankets:We have two that are super soft for when we are hanging out together

-Extra Sheets:Two full sets so one can be washed as one is being used

-Memory Pillows :Two and extra covers for them

-Reading Lights:If your tent does not have already

-Febreze: Aerosol for use indoors & small spray bottles of the liquid for use on clothing 

-Anti-bacterial Spray:Great for Rooftop tents

– ScotchBrite Sponges: For kitchen and dishes cleaning

-Dish washing liquid

-Bug spray:To spay areas that bugs love.

Health and Beauty


-Body Soap,Face Soap


-Body Lotion/Moisturizer,Face Moisturizer

-Eye Cream, Lip Balm


-Aloe Vera Gel (best home treatment for burns),Bug Repellant


-Cotton buds, Baby Wipes, Travel Tissues

-Pack Towel

-Razor(s)&Foam (if not disposable, extra blades)

-Small Fold-up Mirror

-Hair Brush and/or Comb

-Hair Products (Gel, Mousse, Leave-In Conditioner, Etc.)

-Dual-Voltage Blow Dryer

-Ladies Stuff:Mascara,Foundation/Powder,Lip Pencil/Lipstick,Eye Pencil

  Eye Shadow,Pencil Sharpener,Make-up Remover (cloths are best for travel),Face Wash ,Hair Accessories( ties, headbands, elastics, etc.)


-Analgesic (pain relief) medicine such as paracetamol or aspirin

-Cold and flu tablets.

-Motion sickness tablets.(Cinnarizine) 

-Throat lozenges or drops. (Lisppaine) (Spray)

-Antiseptic solution for cleaning wounds or bites. 

-Blister and wound patches, such as sticking plasters. 

-Medical adhesive tape, e.g. Micropore. 

-Latex gloves 

-Fucidin Intertulle (Sterile gauze pads) 

-Wound dressings, e.g. a crepe bandage, gauze swabs and OpSite, and Steristrips, 

-Safety pins, scissors and tweezers. 

-Insect repellent containing DEET (diethyl toluamide) 

-Sting relief solution, e.g. Stingose (aluminium sulfate). 

-Diarrhoea medicine, e.g. Imodium (loperamide)

-Rocket laxative, for constipation 

-Antacid for indigestion. 

-Antifungal or antibacterial cream. 

-Low potency hydrocortisone cream.

-Deep Heat Cream ,Voltaren Emougel Cream (Reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation)

-Fluid and electrolyte replacement powder or tablets, e.g. Gastrolyte or HYDRAlyte 

-Eye lubricant, antiinflammatory drops. 

-Sunscreen (at least SPF 30+). 

-Digital thermometer. 

-Water purifying powder 

-Hand sanitiser or wipes 

-Altitude sickness medicines 

-Augmentin (Amoxicillin & clavulanate ,antibiotic to treat bacterial infections) 

-Malaria prevention tablets 

-First aid kit for vehicle accessible from the exterior of the vehicle:Basic kit for cab,Survival kit for ditch bag,Backpacker kit for trekking pack,Long term expedition/ cruising (marine) kit


-Shower/Beach Thongs:Essential when taking showers in campground bathroom

-Ziploc bags:In different sizes

-Bump Guardsad ,Adhesive-Backed Velcro, Packing Tape :For small fixes 

-Flashlight:Minimum quantity(one for the sleeping area, one at drivers door and Headlights.

-Fire extinguishers: Minimum quantity one at the vehicle.

-Pac-Safe locks for camera bags, packs, etc.


The following is the absolute basic and are intended as a starting point.This is for man only though as women will categorise much different.

-5 pairs quick dry pants:Zippered security pocket is a good feature

-5 pairs of short pans:With many pockets

-3 quick dry long sleeve shirts:Zippered, inner security pocket is a good feature

-12 quick dry tshirts/tops

-10 to 14 pairs of underwear

-4-6 pairs of socks, minimum two pairs good hiking socks

-3 long sleeve winter sweaters

-2 pairs of comfortable sleeping clothes

-2 pairs of “hang out” clothes, e.g. workout shorts, sweatpants, sweatshirt.

-One set of decent “dress up” clothes:Nice sweater, long sleeve shirts, dressy pants

-Fleece jacket

-Gore-tex shell, lightweight

 -Gore-tex jacket with hood, heavy weather

-Windstopper gloves

-Stocking cap

-Belts, scarves,Bathing suit,Pool/beach Cover-up, hat

-Sport specific clothing

-Footwear:Flip flops / shower shoes,“Dress up” shoes,Casual town shoes

 Hiking boots,Mud boots

Ladies for you I wish you good luck in packing light!!!

Communications, Computer& Data, Photography & Video

-GSM cellular phone:Bring one as a back up At least one spare battery.  

-Position tracking system: GPS / Satellite based system that reports your track and current location.

-Handheld radios

-Battery chargers for all phones/radios/systems

-GPS:Provides vehicle routing and location information.  

-PC/Mac GPS software:Interface cables for GPS to PC/Mac ,power supply,world and local GPS maps.

 -Maps:Continent, region & country paper maps, waterproof/weatherproof if possible, Handheld compass

-Guidebooks:Continent, region and country

-Laptops:With all the cables

-Data:Pocket drives with direct USB port , Backup drives ,interface cables & power chargers

-Digital camera :High resolution with fixed lens or with wide range zoom

-Action Camera : Gopro or any other similar for video footage.We have tree of them for filming in different angles  

-Memory cards :Minimum quantity is 16 to 64GB per camera.

-Battery charger(s), 12VDC and 120/220VAC

-Power plug adapters for different countries

 -Tripod :lightweight and flexible carbon fiber if possible

 -Accessories (filters, cleaning supplies, remote release, weather covers, reflectors, etc.)

-USB memory card reader for all memory card types

-Microphones: Audio input/output jacks, including external microphone jack

-Portable media player(s), e.g. iPod:Power supply/charger(s) for portable media player(s)


Tool & Recovery Kit

-Socket/ratchet set (6mm to 24mm metric sockets)

-1/2-inch socket/ratchet set (10mm to 32mm metric 1 Set sockets) 

-Snap-on SX80A 18-inch flex-head ratchet 

-Combination wrenches (7mm to 25mm plus 27 and 30) 

-Assorted screwdrivers including stubbies 

-Knipex and Channel-Lock pliers 

-Needle-nosed pliers 

-Vise-Grip pliers 

-Small self-adjusting plier 

-Snap-ring pliers 

-Side cutter 

-Electrical stripping/crimping tool 

-Continuity volt tester 

-Swiveling hex-key set (allen) 

-Six-inch adjustable wrench 

-LED flashlights 

-Voltage/resistance screwdriver tester 

-Mechanic’s gloves 

-Sledge-head hammer 

-Box cutter 

-Duck tape 

-Electrical tape 

-Recovery strap,Snach strap,D shackles 

-Jumper cables 

-Replacement fuses 

-Tire pressure gauge, electric tire pump 

-Tire sealant, and puncture repair kit 


-Bottle Jack 

-Emergency Vest 

-Warning Triangle 

-Spray WD40 

-Plain rope 

-Fire extinguisher 1 piece

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  1. Frankly the most ridiculous list I have ever seen…..!

    My sincere advise is….,buy yourself a motorcycle and be gone with what 2 packs can hold ! You’ll have more fun with far less stress , believe me .

  2. We appreciate your opinion and your honesty but we will still keep our 4×4 vehicle and continue our adventure. Unfortunately our packing list does servre for 2 wheel travellers.We wish you good luck to the rest of your adventures

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