This is a post for the end of my trip but I forgot to publish it. The last days of my Southeast Asian tour were in Thailand. Since I had been to the most known places, I chose the far south of the country, almost at the border with Malaysia, and the island of Ko Lipe. It’s another beautiful piece of land out in the Andaman Sea. The main attraction is diving.

The small island is blessed with three wonderful beaches. I went to the two of them at the beginning and the end of the day so that I could watch the sunrise and sunset into the water. It was an excellent experience that I couldn’t resist. Underwater there is a whole new world to explore. Pinnacles and underwater canyons, big pelagic fish, warm temperatures and good company made the last five days of my trip go by really fast. But when I got into that plane that took me home, I was happy. Now I’m back in Mykonos working but I won’t stop posting. Maybe not as often but I’ll still post my small excursions from the beautiful island of Mykonos while planning my next trip. Stay tuned for more countries and more traveling stories.

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