The real countdown is almost over……………….We are both very exited and after the numbness of the last couple of weeks the stress started building up again.Rochelle still can not  believe that after a couple of days she will be leaving out of Voukefalas for a year. Both exited while packing we make sure we have all we need ,we will depart from Mykonos our home for the last 2 and a bit months for our Great journey in the 1st of August .

We will be heading to Athens for the last pre departure touch ups .That includes Voukefalas Carnet De Passage as well as Green Card Insurance in order to complete all the necessary travel papers for him . Our last thing to do would be  to give our HRV a major service and we will be ready for our test run trip to the Peloponnese. Rochelle has not been to the rest of main land Greece so a quick 10 day test trip would complete and correct the last details before our final departure from Greece on the 17th of August heading to Italy.

For the first part  of this Epic Adventure we would be joined by my Sister Kleo and my nephew  Leandros our future crew as I call them, unfortunately Leandros school will start soon after that so they will travel with us just for the  first week of the trip.

I must admit that although confident for our trip I can stop getting butterflies in my stomach when I think about it.   As mention in the movie  IN TO THE WILD ,Our rubber tramp lives are about to start and the feelings can not be described with words  . Our next post will be from the road……………………..

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