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May 14 2014

In any overland trip the Expenses of the Vehicle is almost 60% of your Budget . An accurate monitor of this cost can save you from running out of money or finishing your trip earlier than expected.I have below a list of the factors that have to be monitored and calculated in the most accurate way or at least close to that.

1.Vehicle preparation.  The vehicle preparation depends on the type of adventure you are about to take. Try not to overspend in different accessories that you might use ones or no time.

2. Fuel. Know the driving distance you will achieve for different types of travel. ( Highway at 100KPH, 80KPH, Gravel road at 45KPH, and hard 4×4). Check out the web page bellow in order to estimate your fuel cost.

3. Service .Calculate the cost of Service and the amount of extra parts you need to have in your kit. Note the distance interval between services and allocate time and place for the vehicle service. Can the fuel, oil and air filter be purchased at this place or must they be carried with you from your home country. Take note of the part numbers of each so they can be ordered in, and/or replaced in your supply kit as needed.

4. Tolls and Other expenses.Prefer to take roads without tolls as the total amount of tolls can add up at the end. In most cases this routes are much more scenic and great fun to get to know the local population.

5.The Shipping .Most overland trips need some kind of shipping of the vehicle.Obtain two or three quotes and be specific that you are always asking for the same conditions.Try to negotiate a shipping rate well before travel date so you are not time pressured.

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