Voukefalas is a Honda HRV, a 2004 make vehicle that have been tested and proven itself to me as a trusted travel partner through Africa and the Middle East .

Voukefalas or Bucephalas  was the horse of Alexander the Great, and one of the most famous actual horses of antiquity. Ancient accounts state that Bucephalus died after the Battle of the Hydaspes in 326 BC, in what is now modern Pakistan, and is buried in Jalalpur Sharif outside of JhelumPakistan. Another account states that Bucephalus is buried in Phalia, a town in Pakistan’s Mandi Bahauddin District, which is named after him.

In our new adventure Rochelle and Myself are now heading back to Greece to get him back in shape and ready to hit the road.This time Overlanddiaries are heading to Asia for a year round trip.Still in plans keep in touch and we will be back with more updates soon.

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