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Nov 24 2013

After a long time without any posts or any other travelling news, I’m back. Unfortunately not completely free on the road, traveling around the world, as I used to do every year but like I did last year, as part of my job. In an attempt to gather some money, I’ll be working again in a year-round job in Bali, Indonesia, together with my lovely girlfriend and  for a year now travelling partner, Rochelle. Lately my financials have been badly damaged by the economic crisis in my country so I decided to continue working abroad. Working back home in Greece isn’t the best thing to do at the moment because the pay check will hardly be enough to pay my bills.

Overland Diaries will continue this year as a blog for short excursions from the island of Bali to other parts of Indonesia. This vast country has so many things to offer that it’s definitely worth taking a closer look at the small details that make up this magnificent island country. I’ll also go to India as part of my work. I’ll try to bring to you the local picture because in the near future I’ll be heading to the Subcontinent for a longer stay with I’ve also planned many other smaller trips and I’ll keep you posted.

As you can see from the pictures below, right now I’m working in the Karma Beach Bali, in the area of Ungasan. Not a bad place to be.

The Karma family and Mr. John Spence, the owner and chairman, gave me the opportunity to work and expand my horizons and I’m deeply grateful for that.

This post does not mean that I’ve given up travelling but sometimes in life we need to sacrifice something to gain something else. So I’m getting ready for something bigger and better. Keep on visiting and continue traveling with me around our beautiful planet.

P.S. Meanwhile please note that another Greek and fellow traveler has just started his epic journey in Africa. Elias and his girlfriend Christina are heading towards Africa with two Honda 250 motorcycles. Honda, like my Voukefalas, will always be bringing us around. Please follow them in or click on my blogroll.

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