May 13 2016


I visited the land of Swiss chocolate and cheese in 1991, on my way to Holland. I was 20 years old back then and I had graduated high school just two years before, so I was ready to experience new things. My first stop in this small but well organized country was Zurich. Except for the lake and the beautiful train station I hardly remember anything else. On our way to the south, we visited the beautiful Bern which reminded me of a city out of a fairytale, really small for a capital but at the same time really convenient and easy to explore. From there we went to Geneva, another remarkably nice city. Not so much the cities themselves but the landscape of the Alps is probably the only thing that is still clear in my mind. The resort lake of Lugano and all the small mountain villages appealed to my astonished eyes. I guess that even from those days I wasn’t a city person, something that took me a while to find out. Although extremely expensive, Switzerland is still a number one destination, especially for winter sports lovers.

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