11/2004 & 12/2009

From the Roman amphitheaters to the Muslim palaces, from the Gothic cathedrals to the Modernista construction, this country is a treasure of artistic and architectural marvels. Spain was my traveling target twice. In 2004 I visited some of the Madrid area and the North, with my friend Diana. I went back on my way to Africa to visit the South and the Barcelona area.

My first stop was in Madrid, Spain’s capital and a vibrant place, the hub of the country’s government and commerce and an exciting city bubbling over with creativity. We explored the old streets of the city center, relaxed in the plazas and soaked up the culture in its excellent art museums. The experience was completed with a taste of the legendary night life.

We also managed to visit the Toledo castles and the beautiful Cuenca, a world heritage site, although we didn’t manage to stay because the king was there for a national holiday and there were no available hotel rooms in town. After that we headed south to Seville, a really beautiful city with its old town and the labyrinth small streets that come with it.

In 2009 I crossed with Voukefalas the whole coast from Alicante to Algeciras, with stopovers in Barcelona and Malaga on the way, although Barcelona was definitely the highlight of it all. Home of stylish buildings and beautiful people, it surely is a treasure box waiting to be opened. Barcelona has almost two millennia of history but it’s definitely a forward thinking place, always on the cutting edge of art design and cuisine. Malaga, on the other hand, wasn’t really impressive so it was hard to compete with the rest.

Alicante was a typical Spanish city, with its elegant palm lined boulevards, its lively nightlife scene and its easily accessible beaches. The city is at its most charming at night when the tapas bars and taverns come alive.

The country is a multicultural pot of life created in an intense vibe in its unique cities. Indeed, if there’s one thing the Spaniards love, it’s to eat, drink and enjoy life whether that’s in Madrid in the North or along the coast in the South.

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