All though we drove through it all, Slovakia for us was just one overnight  stay in  the capital Bratislava during our overland trip from Europe to Australia in 2014. Overwhelmed from it’s neighbour Czech Republic this small country does not fall back in beauty. The surrounding region  is an era of thera-peutic and rejuvenating spas (Not in our budget ,so no Rochelle did not had a go to any of them), ruined castles(check the  limited photos included ) and vineyard-covered hills(yes we did have a go on the Wines). Here the Danubian basin meets the Small Carpathian hills, and cliffs rise above the  river valleys. The proximity to nature gives Slovakia’s capital its strongest flavouring just to mention that  the Danube wends through town just outside the centre.On top of  all that  note that ,although we did not have the chance to experience this because of the weather conditions, just  a 30-minute walk from Bratislava’s  train station you can find the densely forested Small Carpathians; the  beginning trailer to a mountainous extent that runs country-wide, virtually unimpeded by civilisation. Then in the city it self  there’s s the charming – although tiny – Starý Mesto (Old Town)  the place to start appreciating Bratislava. Strolling the narrow pedestrian streets of pastel 18th-century buildings  can feel up a day or two specially when you try to spot all  the strategically position bronze statues that are spartan in all the old city(approximately 20 of them if we are not mistaken). Done with the old? In with the new: the city has on offer intriguing Socialist-era architecture worth checking out .  With all that contrasts the capital definitely worthed  every hour of our short visit.

One more thing was included to our Slovakian experience that was the Devon Castle .Just a sort drive from the capital in the country and there it is . A beautiful preserved medieval castle worth visiting even just for it’s views over the meeting of the two rivers. As a conclusion from our  limited time Rochelle and myself both agreed for  Slovakia  that  we would have to pay another visit in the nearest future. So long then  Slovakia till next time………

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