Jul 15 2017


Here is my biggest tip for your best long term overlanding travels.

You don’t need to plan them but YOU MUST HAVE them …. “ Nothing days “








Seriously they are days when no planning is done you stay where ever you are

and just stay another day and do nothing… don’t even plan food just let it happen.

They are decadent and lazy and great for your mental health . You don’t worry

about anything . Just hangout with your loved one and your rig for the day.

You would be surprised how much you enjoy the FREE Day to just relax and enjoy nothing.

Sounds strange … but those of you who do them know what i mean…

Today i wrote this rambling … just sitting in the Sun in Arequipa Peru having a Nothing day..

PS .. if you can make a Nothing cocktail too !! even better but thats another post.


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