The pre departure stage of every overland trip is probably one of the most stressful ones. As we faced this back in 2014-15 when we were getting ready for “the epic journey” we came up with a  group of check lists that helped us simplify the whole process . The division to each category help you to separate things better and keep you focus on the actual category than the individual that can be chaotic . Another think you need to keep in mind as we  found out though is that what add or take off the lists  always depend on a specific type of trip and the person itself so use ours as a guide line only.

Worth mentioning here is also that along  the way things will be used more than other ,and some of them might not been used more than ones or twice.Here is were you need to ask your self the critical question “Do I really need that one or I can survive that one time without it. Packing light is critical!!!!Do not even think that you would not find your self in need to add things along the way.In a long term travel things get destroyed and replaced all the time.Take our advise on it!!!!

Lastly we believe that one of the great think about overland traveling is that you get to share experience & knowledge with people you meet along the way.We always felt that sharing info helps so therefore we have added bellow our pre departure check lists..As mention above though keep in mind that every Overlander needs are different so our check list might not work for you.The purpose of this though is to get an idea.You can click on the links bellow and download them if you need to.

The last two check list are personal items.There is a lot of space to make yours!!!!!!!!

Kitchen & Pantry Check list

Camping & Documents Check list

First Aid & Electronics

Tool kit Check list

Rochelle Check list

Yiannis Check List




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