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May 17 2014

Born on the road and lived in a converted school bus as a home for  8 years started me off as a free spirited traveling gypsy…  I am the oldest child of four and we were all born in different cities around Australia. As my fathers band successfully moved from gig to gig.

Yep that’s me on the left hand side in my Dads arms with mum in his other arm…. And our bus home behind.

I was actually born in Kalgoorlie a Western Australian Gold mining town… So some times I get called ‘precious’ but its normal said in jest as I have now lived in 5 star resorts 12 years on stunning beaches. Bali , Oman, Maldives and Koh Saumi Thailand .

Generous fun loving hospitality is inbred in our family and extended family. Its known that we cant have fun unless everyone else is falling over giggling, or a litte tipsy or full of great food. So its only natural that I ended up in Resorts. However these adventures have always been foot loose and fancy free .. So the 300+ staff I have managed always become my immediate family away from home.

So as Karma would have it … I finaly found someone that i love spending every waking moment with who actually has traveled more than me ….. We have already done some spectacular trips to Maldives, Sri Lanka , South Korea and lots in Indonesia…. But now is the start of our lives together  on the road…..

Would you believe I am excited about doing my own laundry… its been a while…

Contact me at my Global Mobile : +447700021632

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