Overland Roof top Tent ( 1 Piece)

Sleeping Bags(-10oC to -5oC)(2 pieces)

Fleece  Internal Sheet(1 double)

Sheets and Pillow cases( 2 Set)

Gas Stove Coleman /Gas Bottle(1/4 pieces)

Cooking  Set (2 pieces)

Cutlery(2/2 pieces)

Plates/Bowl( 2/2 pieces)

Internal Tent Light

Thermo Water Bottles (4 pieces)

Food Storage Taper ware & Olive Oil  Can(2 lit)

Head Lamp LED (2 pieces)

Lighters & Fire Sources (4 pieces)

Car Fridge

Sewing Kits

Water Kettle

Zip Lock Multi purpose Bags ( 4 different sizes))

Emergency Dry Food

20 lit Water Tank

Portable Shower

Electrical Extension cord & Multi plugs

Hammock & Mosquito Net

External Camping light


Foldable Chairs & Stools

Foldable bucket


Mosquito Net

Floor matt

Aluminum  Foils

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