Heading Home

May 14 2014

Hello Everyone

Today is my last day in Bali and  I will be heading back home tonight .Personally I spend a great 8 months here in Bali but all good thing come to an end. Now leaving back Indonesia beside the fact that I met Rochelle  here ,  our stay in Bali was an unforgetable experience .

Ahead of us   ,we  now  have 3 months to plan our next great  exibition. Rochelle has already departed and must be on her way to Athens by  now .Our last   days here were  spent  with Rochelle’s family as her younger sister was geting married  in Bali. Unfortunately we were not allowed to post any pictures from their beautiful weeding as the couple wished to do it themselves . In the pictures  posted  though you can see Karma last panoramic views and some of the family  that from now on  will be our greatest  fans in  www.overlanddiaries.com .Special thanks to all for their support .

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