Let’s start with my five-day visit back to Crete.

Yes, I was back again after my last visit in February, only this time I had my good friend Anna with me. If you ask me about Crete, I’ll definitely say that it’s a blessed place, a lively destination all year round. The largest and wealthiest island of my country definitely feels more like a small country. One thing is certain; Crete still maintains its distinctive island identity. We arrived by air in Chania and spent most of our days exploring the area. We took a side trip to Sougia and although the weather didn’t help (it was raining most of the time) I really appreciated the beauty of the landscape. We even took a trip to Rethimno, by far my favourite place from my last visit. But all of that wouldn’t be worth anything if it weren’t for my last sunny day in Elafonisos. It’s definitely in my top of the world beaches list. It wouldn’t be a lie to say that Elafonisos with its pink sand makes everyone want to go back. From the southern tip of my small country I wish happy travels to everyone on the road. Special thanks to “the happy family”, Kostis, Natasha and little Aris Alexandros. Thanks for the hospitality.

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