After our visit to the inspiring Hoi An with the beautiful old town, we stopped at Hue for a day. That proved to be a mistake because it was raining all day long. Anyway, we didn’t see anything and headed to the capital Hanoi. The only reason I stayed in this busting capital was to use it as the getaway to Halong Bay  (one of the seven natural wonders of the world).

I went with an old wooden boat through narrow passages, with granite rocks coming up straight out of the sea. It’s the rain season and because of the cold the mist over the rocks made my experience one in a lifetime. I was off season, you see, but it was better like this since I avoided the crowds. This trip makes a visit to Vietnam really unforgettable.

When the guys join me up we’ll head to Sapa, a hill tribe city in the north. Some trekking will do us good before we enter China.

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