Life is a always trying to tell you more …

The awareness is to see listen and feel that’s the  challenge.Media ,family, friends love the universe nature.  It speaks to us every second we are alive.

But are we listening feeling and more importantly understanding

Wow big subject .. Have we got a good bottle of wine or two and great company to bash this one out ,,, well please do …….. but for now let’s thinks about comfort ??

What is comfort ? Luxury ? Feeling good ? Soft ? Fluffy ? Sooth as silk ? 1000 thread count?

Not threatened ? Safe ?   Aware ? A first class seat or a seat with a view  ?

Having lived nearly a decade inside  some of the worlds most spectacular resorts in Maldives ,Middle East and recently Bali I can understand comfort but my most precious moments have been outside my comfort zone !!

The thrill of the unknown ,  the adrenalin of going some where new,  off the beaten track and traveling with my love is my most valued travel experiences !!

… So let me know your experience at

Can you put a value on it ? Comfort travel or comfort zone ???     I think I will do a year of research on this topic ….

Rochelle Kilgariff

YIANNIS: Ladies and Gentleman please welcome  our new editor Rochelle Kilgariff’s first post on the site

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  1. Dear Rochelle, Wishing you and Yiannis a magical journey and wonderful year ahead! Hope to cross paths somewhere in the coming year and remember to push the button.

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