So long Voukefala. It’s been a wild ride!!!

Sep 19 2015

A week ago our trusted vehicle was retired. Voukefalas has now a new home in Athens.

Many people claim that even with materialistic thing you can get attached to and that was exactly what happen to us with Voukefalas. Our car had brought us through 21 different countries and over 45000 km  this past year ,something that made our bond grow even stronger with it. Overland vehicles have an extra reason to make you bond as they are your mobile home , carrying everything you own while on the road. I still remember our Epic Journey when our car was immobilised in China for 2 weeks ,we both felt like we were missing one member from our team.

For me personally,I owned the specific car for 8 years now and I shared four great overland trips  .Voukefalas was my first vehicle to travel outside my country something that turned the car in to a symbol to my early years and a trusted companion when I travel as an overlander by myself. When it comes to Rochelle this past year on board Voukefalas turned her from a devoted traveler to a fanatic overlander . All together we were the OVERLANDDIARIES travel team.

The time has come now though to part ways; time to close this chapter and start a new one . Having said that we will like to thank Voukefalas for safely transporting us wherever we chose to go, and for tolerating with our over whelming luggage and bulky equipment .Thank you for never giving up on us even when we pushed you way out of your limits.

Finally we are now already in the process of replacing our vehicle witch would be named after Voukefalas. So long then….. It’s been a wild ride we will soon introduce Voukefalas the 2nd.

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