Number of days of the road:345 Days

Number of total Cost spent:39342euro

Number of Countries visited: 21Countries in 2 Continents

Number of kilometres  in total:43600 km

Days of car preparation: 60

Total Daily Budget:55 euro per person

Number of hours online: Lost Count

Cost per person on the road: 15000 approximately

Cost of pre departure preparations : 4000

Number of Documents prepared&issued for Visas:35 each of us

Number of litres of Unleaded Gas used: 3391 lt.

Average Fuel consumption in LPK: 1,09 euro

Average Kilometre per day:105 km

Number of times we filled up: 83

Number of Days Sleeping inside the car:2 on the Earthquake

Number of times we got stopped by the police:10

Number of fines we got:0

Number of Malaria Tablets we consume:82 each of us

Numbers of Visas applied : 11 for Rochelle 7 for myself

Number of Hotels: 52 different ones

Number of Wild-camps:8 different ones

Number of Home stays:13 different ones

Number of Paid Campgrounds:51 different ones

Number of Breakdowns: 1 clutch failure in China

Number of near death experiences: 1 and it was more than enough(Nepal Earthquake)

Number of Mosquito bites for both: Impossible to count as an example over one night in Varanasi India Rochelle got about 50

Number of times we brushed out teeth: Ha Ha Take a guess??????

Number of Stupid passes:5 for Rochelle & 3 for myself

Number of Luggage with extras Rochelle send home:2 (We could not fit them in the car)

Lost or Damaged Luggage:1

Number of Flight Tickets:2 each

Number of Crazy Funny Hours: *********Uncountable!!!!!!!*********

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