The Road Back Home / SO1-Ep30

Aug 7 2015

After the Volga and Caucasus regions of our passing through Russia, we continued for one last time through Georgia and the north of Turkey. We picked up our pace because Greece was heading to bankruptcy and our budget had reached its limits. Before our return back home, I had the chance to show Rochelle a bit more of my country that, although at the moment is going through some rough times, its beauty is still a site to see.

As this is the final chapter of our epic journey, we would like to try and explain what Adventure is…This epic journey started as an imaginary, distant plan in Bali, Indonesia while working in a resort and we managed to plan and complete it in less than two years. Through all that time a lot of things took a completely different course than originally planned.


When we ventured out on the 8th of August 2014, we had no idea what Adventure is… or what to expect from this epic journey. Despite our strong efforts to prepare it down to the last detail, many things changed. New routes popped up, ideal locations were discovered that we never knew that existed, visa issues made us reconsider some of our basic plans, ways of transportation gave us the shivers, our vehicle’s breakdown in China almost cancelled the rest of our journey and our survival through an earthquake made us reconsider life. We had to face a lot of difficulties, take them in and finally find a way to overcome them. Looking back now and although it sounds crazy, it would not be an exaggeration to say that we will definitely miss it all. At the times those things happened we probably hated them but now it’s different, the dream is fulfilled. Our epic journey has come to an end. We will now have to go back to our comfort zones, work for some time, save money and start working on our next dream. So adventure is… a dream come true? Adventure is… as different as individual personalities are. Some people experience it in a simple camping outing, for some others adventure is a trip around the world. Any way you see it, you cannot define adventure if you haven’t struggled with it, until it has beaten you down only to get you back up again. Our Overlanddiaries adventure is… a route beyond what we thought was easy, safe or doable without pain. Beyond that point is where you see miracles happen. Adventure doesn’t start until something goes wrong. Without mistakes, breakdowns or disappointments our story is just “a story”. We started when we both decided to fulfill our dreams and explore the world in our vehicle. We dropped our comfort living and working in the hospitality industry and adapted the lifestyle of vehicle-based travel. Venturing in our epic journey, the adventurous life and the Great Unknown proved to be a very successful experience of a lifetime.

As a conclusion, adventure is… the distance between the present and the fulfilling of your dreams. How you navigate between them is the “Great Unknown”. After all, all we had to do was TO JUST GO!!! World travel in a vehicle-based lifestyle is the most exciting history book… Just go out and read it!!! The best part is that the chapters never end…

P.S. As a final video we made a compilation of all the funny and crazy moments we went through these last 345 days that still make us giggle. We would like to thank all of you for supporting this trip. Be absolutely sure that your support was a source of power to get us going.







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