I had no alternative since my car window had no glass on the driver’s side and I had absolutely no hope of finding my things. I had to drive back to Turkey over the mountains and in the snow, with no window glass. I managed to put a plastic piece in the window and I took off. After 250 km in – 4 degrees Celsius, thank God, I reached Van, the town that had a Honda authorised service. I couldn’t go any further since the conditions in the car weren’t ideal for travelling in the winter. I waited three long days for the good news. Finally yesterday the phone rang. My new window is in place now and my Voukefalas, after his 10.000 km service, will be as good as new. Tomorrow we’ll be back on the road and that makes me feel good. I don’t have a plan about where I’ll go next but I’m still thinking of spending one or two weeks in Turkey. After that I don’t know. Maybe the time has come to tour my own country for a while

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