Greece /SO1-Ep1

Aug 14 2014
Sorry for leaving you with no news for a while.
Rochelle:   A little more prep and we were on the road finally …… and for good this time.It’s amazing how many things you need to do to prepare for a one year journey !
Who said enjoy the journey and don’t focus on the destination ??
With the half the world as our destination we are focusing on every single detail.
So camping after 12 years in 5 star hotels was a strange unknown fear but as I settled in for the first night sleep in a really comfortable roof tent with the light fresh sea breeze and looked up thru the trees to a thousand stars , awoke to jump straight in the ocean for a refreshing morning swim. I am feeling more alive and relaxed than i have for a long time. It seems all the planning is paying off and we have this set up and camping thing well managed.
So now after 6 nights sleeping in Voukefalas villa 9 , its exciting to say I love it!!!
We have seen some spectacular countryside and sensational sunsets , it also helped that on the 10th we had a amazing full moon. We slept with the tent open that night and it was surreal as we looked over the twinkling lights in the town valley  of Stoupa  all drenched in moon light.
When you put luxury with a label …Mother Nature has the best !!!!
Yianni :
The Peloponnese :From the very beginning we were overwhelmed with some of those  feelings that only  traveling is able to give you , both Rochelle and myself ( specially  me, since I was still inside my own country’s border). We headed out to explore the Peloponnese  as an easy start of “a years” long trip. Sights completely new to Rochelle and only childhood memories for me, were rediscovered. Great outdoors ,from ancient cites to natural wonders this peninsula seems like it has it all. Starting from Olympia we headed south,exploring parts that none of us have been like the sources of the River Neda and the small Villages of Lagadia ,Gianitsoxori , Yialova as well as the beautifully unique Voidokilia Beach.Having lunches in Kardamilia or watch the sunset from Stuppa Beach makes up our daily time before we retreat to our Camp Sight and our Voukefalas 5* roof tent. Overlanddiaries Co-Pilot Rochelle seems like she is acclimatized completely and she is enjoying every minute of it so all going very well as planned.After our quick overstay in the beautiful although crowded Elafoniso and the City Castle of Monemvasia we are know in Nafplio enjoying some quite time before we head out to Italy.
The ancient theatre of Epidavrus  and the ruins of Mykines was our last stop before we pick up my sister and nephew and board the ship. These were our last Destination for Overlanddiaries in Greece .Through out this time we had the pleasant surprise of  a couple of friends  joining along the way that made our time  great  with lots of moments to remember.
Thanks Niko,Mixali and Giorgo for the pleasure of  your company.
Specially at last  I would like for one more time to deeply thank our mechanic Kimon and Zamanakos Services for all the detail work that he personaly have done to our Voukefalas .Our HRV is now running smoothly in all the deferent terrains despise the long time he had away from the traveling action because of my work in Bali.


  • Fem says:

    Gotta hate you right now…too amazing, soo cool and so different from meeting you in luxury places, but again it looks right and fitting! Have fun and do continue filling us in. Hope to become so jealous to join you for a while! X

  • Sarah says:

    I’m looking forward to this trip almost as much as you are. Happy travels, I’m tagging along.

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