Italy-Slovenia /SO1-Ep2

Aug 26 2014

Hello again, everyone

Overlanddiaries have left Greece for good and as mentioned in previous posts, we are joined by my sister, our executive editor, Cleo and Leandros, my nephew, the latest future crew. We explored parts of Italy, the second country to visit in the long list of countries we will be going through.

As we had very limited time following our route towards Slovenia, we visited Bologna, Venice and Trieste as part of our itinerary. In Bologna, the downtown area itself was a typical sample of an Italian city with its “centro istorico” full of beautiful old buildings that have their own stories to tell. Moving beyond Bologna we reached the city of Venice. Although the weather was against us and the constant heavy rain temporarily interrupted our exploration, Venice never stops impressing even the most demanding traveler with its beauty. If you put some effort and explore beyond the tourist trail, all the back streets where the real, every-day life runs, I can assure you, you will fall in love with Venice. Short visit but still memorable.


By then Cleo and Leandros had to go back to Greece. We would like to thank them both very much for their lovely company and invite them to join us again in the future. Last but not least was Trieste, a port city with all its beauty and glam from the old days.

Next stop was the small country of Slovenia and the picturesque lake Bled with its castle overlooking the lake and the Bled Island with its cathedral in the middle of it. It was a really perfect scenery but the rainy weather was once more against us. We did   manage though to have some hours of dry weather, enough to walk around the lake that took us no more than three hours. As for the rest of the time, we were hidden in our tent watching movies as that was the only dry place in our camping. Slovenia, that as locals say is the only country that includes the word “love” in its name, was just a small short stop but really impressive for both of us.

Overlandiaries would not stop there though, so we left rainy Slovenia and crossed the Alps through Austria to the Czech Republic. Our route was one of the most scenic ones and although we had to drive 470 km, the scenery kept us astonished. We have both been to Austria before but have never taken that vertical route directly through the high peaks of the Alps. After a long day we are finally in Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic, our third country to visit. To learn more about our Czech adventure keep following us…………………



One Comment
  • COLETTE ,YVON says:

    you are very brave ,continue this journey with luck and keep smiling you are wonderfull .xxxxxxxxfrom canada

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