From Cambodia to Vietnam

Dec 28 2011

We left Ko Rong with a smile on our faces. It wasn’t easy to say goodbye to all the new friends we made during our stay but we had to. We got back to Sihanoukville to meet up with our Greek friends and make plans to take off for Vietnam. For some of you it might be normal to meet fellow countrymen while travelling but for me to meet ten Greeks in six days is a world record. Two of them, Giorgos and Kostas (brothers) have opened their own small business. If you happen to pass by, ask for the Argonaut restaurant and the Greek Soul Kitchen. A taste of Greece Bsome 20.000km away from home. Before entering Vietnam we stopped in Kampot just to get a little off the beaten track, in Bokor National Park and admire some of the beautiful Buddhist temples of Cambodia. As soon as you cross the border you realize that Vietnam is much more progressed than Cambodia. It was a nice change for us. Our plan is to head for the Mekong Delta. First stop Ha Tien and from there to the island of Phu Quoc. I’ll tell you about that on my next post. I leave you for now.

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