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Jun 29 2014

Since our trip would be long and in all shorts of areas and terrains our navigation was critical to be as accrued as possible. Now days a GPS is almost essential for any overland trip .In our case we would be using a navigation software from Sygic .The specific off line navigation system is trusted by millions of people worldwide. Their application have been well tested in our previous expeditions in South East Asia in both iPhone and i Pad .Although we would also have the all-time classic Road Maps we would still depend on technology to get us through off-road tracks and unnecessary kilometres of getting lost in the cities of Asia.

Another necessity is our Lonely Planet Guide Books  for each country and region, that for the first time in our travels  will be used in their digital form as for such a big trip the volume of the long standing books is huge and extra heavy. The Lonely Planet guide book series initially started  in Asia in 1981, progressively they became a dominant brand in the rest of the world, as consumers appreciated the way  in which the guides were written “telling it like it is, without fear or favour.Just for the record by 1999, Lonely Planet  has officially been classified as a “Super-brand”, having published over 500 titles and had sold 80 million titles, translated into more than eight languages.

Another latest addition to our navigation and tracking kit is the  inReach Satellite Communicator. A true lifesaver, any way you use it. The inReach is the first  two-way, satellite communications device ever. It’s about the size and weight of a smartphone, but much, much more durable: it’s waterproof, buoyant and impact-resistant.  Revolutionary survival device that also includes a two-way texting as well as an interactive SOS messages and GPS navigation. In case of emergency we would be able to use it to aid  our rescuers, make maps and keep connected with the world, or just simply to show our travel stories and adventures to our families that can even ping our inReach to find our latest location. Definitely a great thing to have.

As last our iPhones will be using a Sim Card Global Atlas +44 , an innovative mobile prepaid service specifically designed to reduce the cost of mobile calls for international travellers using GSM and 3G phones. By using this global SIM cards we hope to get huge savings on phone calls, SMS messages, and E-mail and data services used while overlanding. We would  forward to our global SIM card all calls from our current mobile number, and receive them wherever we are worldwide. With our revolutionary dual Sim cards  we now  have a UK and USA number on the same prepaid SIM card and we will receive any calls on our GSM phone wherever we are on the globe.

After all that complete rundown of our travel navigation & communication gadgets I also add our trip-line follow button . Tripline is a web site where you can follow our maps and you’ll be notified when we check in or make updates.

  • Bryan Hoare says:

    Wow… What an adventure!!!! Amazing… You guys look pumped… Lots of love – will be watching in great awe ad with baited breath… 🙂

  • mcclard says:

    can I use the content for use on my website? I will ofcourse leave link back to you. Tell me when you allow that.

  • Thank you very much .We will keep you updated

  • Send us an email and we will get back to you

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