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Jun 13 2014

While back in Mykons we are still working on  preparations of the trip.

Many friends insisted  that ones away from the capital, there are very few thing we will be able to achieve regarding  the trip and that we should stay in Athens instead . Thankfully  in our case that proved  not to be truth.  With the assistance  of the internet and a lot of hours in Google Search, we have finalise  and complete all the missing parts  of our gear  needed for this trip.

Another critical issue that was solved on line was our International Driving Licence ,we  manage to get them  ready both without any hustle at all. If you also wanna avoid the trouble try their service is fast and efficient . In two weeks time we had our local driving licence translated and sent to us  in both Card and Booklet forms and are now both  ready to be used on the road.

Another issue also solved on line and worth mentioning  in our gadgets for this trip is our satellite tracking system. After my  experience  in previous trips with satellite phones and  again a long research on line we now own and would be using a DeLorme inReach. A tracking devise with the capability  of using the satellite network in order  to send and receive SMS and GPS coordinates  in case of emergency.As mobile phones do not function everywhere the inReach would  also help us to exchange SMS with our homes via the satellite network  or allow our families to locate us in our track map. Check out their web site at . Feel free to email us any questions or personal feedbacks  .

Starting from the  first day of our trip and with constant updates we would be marking our status in our tracking map. If you wanna check where we are you can click in the link bellow and get the latest from our location.

As  last I left out our beautiful Overlandiaries stickers which have  now reach the island and are already decorating  Voukefalas  ,our cars  face lift outside at least. For the inside and everything else that has to do with the well run of the car we would trust the mechanical support of Zamanakos Car Service a car service  outlet that is managed by Kimon a personal friend and a trusted “support from  distance”  companion in previous exhibitions.

  • Ann Wilson says:

    Hi you two please keep me up to date .i have copied the websites but love to hear from you xxxx Aunty Ann

  • All the Best.Thank you

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