I’m dedicating this post to the wonderful time I had there. It’s the second deepest gorge in the world, with a depth of 3.900 meters. It’s still considered a traveler’s rite of passage and for a good reason. The name of the river is Jinsha Jiang, one of the many side rivers of the great Yang Che. It took us one whole day to reach the Halfway Guesthouse, at 2.880 meters, facing the top of the gorge on the other side. One more day and we reached the lowest path, right next to the narrowest part of the river. The exhausting 16 kilometers rewarded us with one of the most magical things only nature is able to create. According to the myth, from this narrow passage the tiger managed to escape the human hunter. I definitely think now that it was worth the trouble and the cold we had to go through to see it. I tried to make it come alive through my camera lens but it’s nothing in comparison to the real thing. However you’re welcome to take a look.

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