Voukefalas Dubai to India Cargo

May 14 2014

I have listed some information about our cargo from Dubai to India. At this point we are not sure about Pakistan and we must have more than one option.The company we would use is

Sadikally Esoofally & Co. (Estd.1938)

International Freight Forwarders & Licensed Customs House Agents (11/195)

Address : 32, Dock View Bldg, 2nd Floor, No. 1 Walchand Hirachand Marg,
Next to Jahaz Bhavan, Above Chefs & Bakers, Ballard Estate, Mumbai - 400001
Tel : +91-22-22621107/22614677  Telefax : +91-22-22690281
Email : info@secoshipping.com / Website : www.secoshipping.com

Equipment : 1 x 20 Feet Container

Container Dimensions : Length = 5897mm / Width = 2348mm / Height = 2385mm

Container Door Size : Width = 2337mm / Height = 2385mm

Documents Required : Passport / Carnet De Passage / Vehicle Registration

Amount : USD 1150.00 ( This amount is payable in Mumbai at the time of Shipment )

Amount : USD 1150.00 ( This amount is payable in India at the time of Clearance )

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